Thursday, April 17, 2014

Farewell to Sarasota

It's been fun, Sarasota is a nice town, but it's time to go.

We said goodbye to all yesterday. Then our old buddy Travers stopped by for a beer before we called it a day.

I know the boyz are gonna miss the parks and the freedom they enjoyed while walking around untethered. We'll miss the warm hospitality of Marina Jack's and the cultural vibe and energy of Sarasota. Sarasota is fairly unique in Florida.
Gotta feeling we'll be back sooner rather than later.

So now it's time to start heading south... Ft Myers is the plan but the weather's being weird so who knows.



P.S. Please excuse the typos and bad grammar. I usually write these posts very early in the AM while having that first cup of coffee. I fix 'em later after the brain has warmed.


  1. Nice pic! Safe travels and it was great hooking up with you again.

  2. Hey Bob and Melonie,

    It was great meeting you and your dogs the other day. We noticed your blog addy on the back of your card and here we are. Read thru some of your posts and were super impressed and entertained with some the adventures you've undertaken and yarns you've spun about em' :) We awoke this morning and noticed you had gone.... perhaps we'll cross paths over in Exuma this summer!

    Safe travels and keep in touch,
    Robin, Jerah and captain Bobdog :)

    p.s. wanted to mention that we of all people appreciate the WiFi we now have (allowing me to post this in fact ;) .... with respect to Sam's skepticism noted in the your last post, we're glad you showed them wrong! Cheers!